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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Year 11 IGCSE Revision Platform

Dear Sycamore class

I have prepared some extra non-fiction passages for your to do additional reading revision.

The Explorer's Daughter

A Passage to Africa

Chinese Cinderella

The Danger of a Single Story 

Beyond the Earth and Sky 

Explorers or Boys Messing About? 

If you would rather have printed off copies, then ask me/Ayesha at school :)

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Countdown - 2 days to go!

Revision Advice for Last 2 days:

  • Practice doing plans for AIC and OMAM by seeing if you can cope with random essay questions (see Countdown...20 days for links to past papers) and make a plan in 15 minutes.   Especially for part (b) of OMAM. 

The powerpoint from Saturday's Revision class.  

The majority of the resources used in class, are in the links below.

Of Mice and Men:

Here is the 30/30 A* example for OMAM that we read today in class.  

A revision 20 minute documentary about the context of OMAM.

Click here to go to a folder with 17 OMAM past papers in it, including the one we looked at today (Past Paper 17) which is about the ending of OMAM.  

An Inspector Calls:

A revision video on the first 2 pages of AIC.

A revision video on POWER in AIC. 

A revision video on Mr Birling's speech in AIC. 

A 20 minute documentary about context of AIC


Click here for 5 unseen poems that we've studied recently. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Countdown - 1 week to go!

Dear all,

A few updates with 1 week to go!!

Page Numbers to MEMORISE: 


Example essay on Gerald*

Example essay on Selfishness*

*Neither of the example essays above follow our exact PEA process but they're useful for analytical ideas!


Past paper practice on (a) Curley and (b) Power/hierarchy  and an exemplar answer.  


Click here to go to SEVEN examples of unseen poems that we've done in intervention in the last few weeks. 

Click here to go to the last mock paper (Conflict Poetry + Unseen Poetry) we did - if you didn't do it in class, set a timer for 75 minutes and do it! Bring it in for me to mark.


Go to the blog post below - Countdown... 20 days!  for links to more past papers, blog posts.  

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Hi all,

Remember that you can find lots of posts & resources by using the SEARCH bar above.

However, this is a useful index post: key facts, past papers, useful blog posts. 

23rd May - AIC - 2 essay Qs, pick 1.  45 minutes. 6 PEA 

23rd May - OMAM - 1 essay Q with 2 parts, do it.  45 minutes.  6 PEA (3/3 2/4 4/2) 

27th May - Conflict Poetry - 2 essay Qs, pick 1.  45 minutes.  3 PEA-conn-PEA. 

27th May - Unseen Poetry - 1 essay Q, do it.  30 minutes.  3/4 PEA.  


1. An Inspector Calls Click here for ALL AIC past paper questions,

I recommend picking exam questions in this order: CHARACTER --> THEME --> AUTHOR'S TECHNIQUES.

Pick a question, set a timer for 15 minutes and do a plan by picking out 6 quotes you'd use to answer it.

Use your big character sheets to help:


2. Of Mice and Men
Click here for a folder with LOTS of OMAM past papers.  

Remember for Part (b) you need to find 3 quotes from the WHOLE NOVEL.  

Possible themes that come up in Part (b):

Life on the ranch/Lives of migrant workers

Use your 6 Key Episodes sheet that you can see here, to help you find 3 quotes for these themes.

3. Conflict Poetry

Click here for all the Conflict Poetry Past questions. 

Remember that we learnt them in a specific order which will help you decide which poems go well together:


Click here for AIC.

Click here for OMAM. 

Click here, here, here or here for poetry posts (or type the poem's name into search bar). 


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Last night of poetry revision

How WE can revise tonight: 

1.  Go onto google and search for poems by one of the 15 unseen poets.

2.  Draw up practice planning grids in 15 minutes, use these essay questions.  

                            NAMED POEM                               CHOSEN POEM
SIM 1 

SIM 2 

  • Compare the methods poets use to portray different points of view in Hawk Roosting and one other poem. 
  • Compare the techniques the poet uses to show emotions in Futility and one other poem. 
  • Compare the different effects of war that are portrayed in Come on Come Back and one other poem. 
  • Compare the ways that poets show people to be vulnerable in Come on Come Back and one other poem. 
  • Compare the ways that conflict can affect your memory in Poppies and one other poem. 
  • Compare the ways that war can affect communities in The Yellow Palm and one other poem.  
  • Compare the ways the poets portray patriotism in next to of course god america i and one other poem. 
  • Compare the devices the poets uses in The Right Word to display terrorism and one other poem. 
  • Compare the methods used to show emotions in At the Border, 1979 and one other poem. 
  • Compare how poets show love for your country in Charge of the Light Brigade and one other poem. 
  • Compare the ways poets use nature in Hawk Roosting and one other poem. 
3.  Set a timer for 10 minutes and write up a PEA-conn-PEA. 

This is an example paragraph:
Tennyson shows that patriotism can lead to a violent death when he writes that the soldiers were storm’d at with shot and shell”  This  alliteration suggests that the Russian forces were overwhelming.  The words “shell” imply that they have superior weapons as the light brigade only have swords.  Also, the word “storm’d” has connotations of a thunder storm which may represent the loud explosions.   Similarly Cummings shows that patriotism leads to death with the quote “rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter”  this simile makes the reader think that the soldiers were eager to die in order to prove that they are brave like “lions.”  Another similarity is the word “roaring” which like Charge of the Light Brigade indicates the noise and chaos of the battle field.  

4.  Get someone to quiz you by asking you these questions:
  • What is the poem _________ about?
  • Does the  poem____________  relate back to the poet?
  • What other poems does ___________ link to?
5. Go to youtube and watch videos! J Brierley is great.  

6. Practice highlighting key words in questions and deciding which other poem would go with it.  


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Year 11 Blog Revision Tasks for Mon 23rd March

IF you have finished your Shakespeare work then.

Complete your choice of the following tasks.  All are important revision for your language AND literature exams. 

1. Look through your poetry anthology. If you have ANY blank (or almost blank) poems in the Conflict cluster then use the SEARCH  panel above or look in the post archives (Feb and March 2014) -->  to complete.  There are the Whitworth revision guides in our shared area (Shared/Year 10 English/Poetry) that will also help.  We have finished all poems in class.  

2. If you have notes on ALL poems then I would recommend using Dr McCarthy's blog for a different perspective to add notes.  

3. Go to IGCSE past paper folder and access these past papers and do Q3 (a) ONLY:  

4. Use the time to complete any An Inspector Calls/Of Mice and Men brainstorms that you didn't do in February half-term.  These are ALWAYS going to be essential revision. 

5. Follow other useful revision tips and ideas from various posts on this site!  

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Year 11 Lit Mock Feb 25th 2015

Dear Year 11

Remember you need to revise:

*Sheila/Gerald/Eric - click to go to the AIC blog post.
*Candy/Crooks/Curley's Wife - click to go to the OMAM blog post.  

90 minutes = 2 x 45 minute essays. 

15 minutes planning and finding quotes. 
30 minutes writing up 6 PEA. 

Don't forget for OMAM that the examiner wants you include CONTEXT - how do the quotes show what life and attitudes were like in 1930s America?

It is ESSENTIAL that you know your targets.  Make sure you know which targets you were set from your December mock.